OICU  国際文化交流会

oh, I see you

A circle made for you, by you. 

About Us

We connect domestic students and international students

OICU (Organization for Intercultural Communication and Understanding) is a new circle run by international and domestic students. Join our circle and make long-lasting friendships with domestic and international students. Become a leader and team member by organizing cultural events, and practice different languages!

国際文化交流会 (OICU) は、留学生と日本人学生が協力して運営している新しいサークルです。ぜひ私たちと一緒に、留学生と日本人学生みんなでずっと付き合っていけるような友達の輪を作りませんか?サークル内で小チームのリーダーになって、様々な異文化交流イベントに参加しましょう!そして、多様な言語を学びましょう!

So... why should you join OICU? 

Do you want to spice up your campus social life? Do you want to break down the invisible barriers between international students and domestic students? Do you want to make a meaningful impact on campus? Join our circle! 



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To contact us, e-mail us or send us a message through social media. 

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